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Dear Parents,


Extract from DENI Letter to Principals. “Minister Weir wishes to explore the level of interest in a summer school programme this year, should funding be made available, with an expansion to post-primary and EOTAS settings. We know that teachers and school principals have been under continuous pressure for two years dealing with the outworkings of Covid-19 and deserve their Summer break. At the same time, we know that many children have been significantly impacted by long periods of lockdown and could really benefit from the opportunities to meet their friends, take part in physical and fun activities outside and get the emotional health and wellbeing support they might need. The emphasis of the Summer Scheme 2021 is on emotional health and well-being, being physically active and reconnecting and rebuilding relationships with friends, with teachers and other adults in school. Schools are being asked to express an interest at an early stage, in order to allow sufficient time to plan for any agreed programmes. In reaching a decision, I would ask you, please, to seek the views of the children and young people, parents and carers who belong to your school.”


There is no plan nor indication as to who would manage this summer school, how long it would last or what it would entail. These are the only details I have at present.


Please discuss this with your child and submit your submit your response.


Mrs McCullagh