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CHALLENGES WEEK 2 (Monday 13th April)

When you have completed a challenge, post it online and mention Sentinus in your comments, as there are prizes up for grabs! Don't worry if you don't have social media... just email to and we'll share it for you.

CHALLENGE 1 : CREATE A RAFT (Monday 13th April)

CHALLENGE 2 : SINK OR FLOAT   (Wednesday 15th April)

Firstly you need to gather your items - why not bring the list with you on a walk today and collect them along the way? 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

Once you have your items you will be making some predictions about which will sink and which will float.

🧐 A prediction is a guess you make about what you think is going to happen.

Use our worksheet below to make your predictions, then put you items in water to see if you were right ☑️

If you're feeling really brave why not give our bonus task a go? 🍊

Remember to take photos!