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The Cash for Clobber scheme is aimed at raising awareness of textile recycling among children and to show how essential it is for everyone in the ‘developed world’ to reduce, reuse and recycle. Most of the waste textiles produced in the UK and Ireland end up in landfill sites – large holes in the ground where all our rubbish is dumped. Every year, 1 million tonnes of clothes that could be reused are buried in these landfill sites. This is bad for the environment as we are running out of space to dispose of this rubbish and the landfills that already exist are giving off harmful gases which contribute to global warming.


Synthetic (man-made) products do not break down and decompose in landfill. Woollen garments (natural) do decompose but give off harmful gases and 80% of all clothes thrown away in the UK and Ireland can be reused.



Our Cash for Clobber Campaign has collected an amazing over 6000kg of unwanted textiles and the money raised has been used to purchase outdoor equipment from our wish list including sports equipment for all classes, mud kitchens and huge blackboard for our foundation stage outdoor area and gardening supplies.