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Post Primary Transfer

Revised date for notification of the outcome of applications Post Primary Transfer


The Education Authority (EA) has shared the concerns of many parents and school leaders in both the primary and post-primary sectors with regard to the timetabled notification of outcome date of 19 June 2021.


I am pleased to advise that the new system has enabled faster processing of applications by schools. This, coupled with special circumstances claims not requiring to be considered this year as part of admissions criteria by the majority of selective post-primary schools, has made it possible to bring forward the parental notification of outcome of applications to Saturday, 12th June 2021.


Parents who had applied online will be able to login to the EA Post-Primary Application from 9am on Saturday, 12th June 2021 to receive the outcome of their child’s application.


Please note that parents cannot indicate acceptance or refusal of a place offered via the online portal. The EA understands that confirmation of acceptance of a place is not usually requested by post-primary schools. If any post-primary schools do require confirmation, they will contact parents directly with instructions on how they should respond.


On Notification Day


It is expected that a very large volume of parents will be logging in on notification day. While EA has taken all possible steps, in advance, to seek assurances from our digital software provider that the Post-Primary Application Portal can manage this, we know that it may take some time before all parents are able to access their notification.


Parents will be made aware, via an email prior to the notification day that they may be placed in a queue and will be encouraged via our social media post that they may wish to log in at a less busy time.


An Admissions Helpdesk will be operating from 9am to 5pm on Saturday 12th June to assist parents who require support and to answer queries that cannot be clarified via the website information.


Mrs McCullagh on behalf of Education Authority