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• Online Notification - If you submitted your application online through the Post-Primary Applications portal you can login from 9am Saturday 12 June 2021 to view your placement Notification. Your login details will be the email address and password you registered with when you applied online. You can check these details now by visiting the Portal using the link below and can reset your password if necessary.

• Notification Letter - If you applied by post or email a letter will be issued for receipt on Saturday 12 June 2021. If you provided an email address on your form you may also receive a copy of the letter by email

• Post-Primary School – if you have any queries in relation to your child’s placement, please contact the Post-Primary school directly

• Admissions Helpdesk – for help and advice, contact our Admissions Helpline on 028 9598 5595 from 9am on Saturday 12 June or via email on

For more information visit

The placement of children for whom EA maintains a statement of special educational needs is a separate process to that outlined above. The majority of parents will have received their child’s amended statement naming their placement for September.

Where places have not been confirmed by 14 June, SEN Link Officers will communicate with parents to update them on their individual consultation process. Parents can contact their SEN Link Officer or SEN Helpline on 028 9598 5960.