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We have been successful in securing a Workshop for Adults on the topic of Mental Health among 8 – 25 year olds. This initiative, supported by the Department of Education, will provide you with information, support and signposting to Mental Health Support Services for our young people. It is specifically aimed at supporting parents and all the key adults in our young people’s lives.



7pm - 9:30pm (at the latest)

St. Colum's Assembly Hall

For ALL parents and Key adults in our young peoples' lives


The workshop aims to increase all our skills, helping us to develop resilient cultures / environments and addressing the issues that impact on mental health.


The staff have already completed their training and found it to be informative and relevant. Our P5, P6 and P7 children will all participate in workshops on the 16th April.


The workshop is open to the public and everyone is welcome. We would ask you to let anyone who you think would be interested know about the event and encourage them to attend.