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Today is the Feast of Saint Brigid. Saint Brigid is renowned for her hospitality, almsgiving and care of the sick.


Saint Brigid was born in 454AD and she went on to found a double monastery in Kildare with the assistance of Bishop Conleth. The Saint Brigid’s Cross, in legend used by Brigid to explain the Christian faith, remains a popular sign of God’s protection.


Tradition tells us that as Brigid explained the passion and death of Christ to the dying pagan chieftain, she took some rushes from the floor of the bothán and fashioned a cross. The Old Irish custom of placing a St. Brigid’s cross over the doors of dwelling houses and animal shelters thus began. People believed that in so doing Brigid would look after their households and stock and that full and plenty would be theirs in the year ahead. Later the custom of sprinkling the cross with holy water and invoking the following blessing began:

“May the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and St. Brigid bless this cross and all who look upon it.”


People ask her blessing on themselves, their families, and their work. They use her name in prayer.