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EDUCATION AUTHORITY : Education Restart - Information for Parents and Carers

The Department of Education has established the Education Restart Programme, which, working alongside a wide range of stakeholders, will put in place the detailed measures and guidance which will enable a safe reopening of educational settings.


The start of term will be 24 August 2020 for Primary 7, Year 12 and Year 14 pupils and for vulnerable children across all year groups. Schools will return on 17 August 2020 for preparation purposes.  


All pupils will return to school from the week commencing 31 August 2020.  This return will be on a full time basis of five days a week for every pupil, including those pupils who attend Special Schools.   


Latest information and resources for parents and carers from the Education Authority regarding Education Restart can be found on the following link...


The Minister of Education, Peter Weir MLA, has written to all parents and carers to outline some of the key information about the return to school. 

A leaflet is also available for parents and carers which outlines some of the things you will need to think about when your child returns to school.


We are currently updating our current plans regarding our return to school at St. Colum's and these will be published next week.