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Arrangements for School Week commencing Monday 11th January 2021.

Arrangements for School Week commencing Monday 11th January 2021


How do I access supervised Learning in school?

Parents are required to complete an online form prior to your child’s first attendance at supervised learning next week. It is necessary to complete this online and submit your return. http://

We can only accept children of keyworkers or children who are deemed vulnerable into the school.


You must use the “Supervised Learning” Club on our SchoolMoney site to book your child into sessions for the week. AM/PM/Full day bookings are available. The booking must be made before 11.00pm each night to allow for the management of staff. We do not wish to bring staff into work unless it is essential that we do so.


What is “supervised learning” and who will be supervising?

Children will be supervised in one or more groups. They will complete the same activities in the course of the day as their peers at home.  Children will be supervised by classroom assistants. Teachers will generally not be available for supervision in order to protect the online support they are giving all children. In accordance with DENI guidance there will be no face-to-face teaching at this time.


What does my child need to bring with them?

A warm coat for going outdoors. Snacks and drinks. A packed lunch. Their home learning pack and if possible, their own device for logging on to remote learning. These devices will be brought home each evening. The device should remain in the classroom throughout the day. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage which may happen so we ask you to remind your children to take good care of these devices. No-one else will have access to your child’s device except if they need adult assistance in logging on. You should ensure your child has their logon details for Seesaw, Bugclub or MyOn.  Supervisors may not have easy access to these. Supervisors will assist your child log onto their online platforms each morning so they may access the remote learning as set by the class teacher.


Vouchers will be provided by the Education Authority to parents for any child eligible for Free School Meals therefore we have been advised by the Education Authority that there will be no canteen service.


What are arrival and pick –up times?

Those children who are attending school for supervised learning should arrive at 8.40am.  Children P4-P7 should be dropped off and picked up from Gate A, adjacent to the assembly hall.  P1-P3 children should arrive and be picked up from Gate B, the small pedestrian gate at the front of the school. Supervision will end each day at 1.40pm for children of P1 and P2. Supervision will end each day at 2.40pm for children from P3-P7. If you are a keyworker and you are collecting a child at 1.40pm it is advised that you take any older siblings home at that time too.


How do I get my next learning pack?

Learning Packs for P3-P7 may be collected between 10.30am and 11:15am, Monday 11th January from class entrance gates, P2 from front porch.  As before, please wear a face covering and social distance when collecting these for your children.


General Information.

Teachers will be available to remotely to support your child’s learning for the duration of the school day.  It may not always be possible to get back to you straight away so we would appreciate your patience.  Please do not expect a response to queries outside of school hours as teachers have planning and assessment to attend to. It is neither practical nor necessary for teachers to mark and comment on every single piece of work your child uploads to SeeSaw.


Should any family have difficulty completing the work please contact the class teacher rather than remaining without support. We will do what we can to help you.


We are very aware of the logistical difficulties home learning can pose for parents. We acknowledge the possible pressures in some households as sibling vie for the use of technology. Please do not put yourself or your children under undue stress to complete activities. This time too shall pass. We want to support you wherever we can but guidance is sparse form the Department of Education and technological support from us to you is further limited this time by the fact that we need keep our iPads in school at present.


Breakfast Club will not resume until further notice. Stepping Stones will contact parents directly regarding their opening arrangements for their After School Club.


If you have any issues regarding your child’s well-being at this time please do not hesitate to contact or telephone 02870833010.


Thank you for all the messages of support teachers have received from parents. I thank my teaching staff and non-teaching staff for the long hours they have already put in from the start of the week . They too need to have regard for their mental health and work/life balance. This is a difficult and anxious time for everyone but if we all keep your children central in our minds and hearts we should not go too far wrong.


I would also like to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of our classroom assistants who are stepping up at this time to provide all supervised learning in school and extend my good wishes to all those who are at home isolating at this time.


Keep Safe Everyone,

Mrs Mc Cullagh