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Remember our Air Monitoring Tubes we put up earlier this year? We're delighted that our air monitoring results have returned from the lab.


Our first for the tube put up in the field at the back of the school is 5.9 µg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre).

Our second result for the tube put up at the front gate is 8.7 µg/m3.


Our results will soon be up on the UK-wide AIR POLLUTION MAP (


What do our results mean? 
The European Union has set the legal limit for NO2 pollution at an annual mean (average) of 40µg/m3.  
Which means that during the time our monitoring tubes were up, NO2 pollution levels were below the level at which the annual legal limit is set.  


The techy bit...

These are a snapshot of the air pollution for the places and times we were monitoring.  


Lots of things affect pollution levels over the course of a year, such as variations in the weather. This means that annual average results for the places we monitored could look very different from our snapshot results.  


Air pollution levels also vary greatly depending on how close you put your tube to where the pollution comes from. So there’ll be a reduction in levels even a few metres away from the source.


We do know that most areas of the UK are currently failing to meet legal limits set by the EU. And that short-term and long-term exposure to NO2 – even at levels below these legal limits – can have significant negative health effects.