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On behalf of St Colum’s PTA we would like to welcome you to not just another academic year but also another fundraising year!! Last year, the PTA along with your support managed to raise over £8,000.  This is a tremendous achievement for the past committee and we would like to thank those who put so much hard work into the fundraising year and have since stepped down. This year we would love, with your support yet again, to raise a similar amount.  We plan to organise both fundraising and non-fundraising events to show our appreciation to the children in our school for the hard work that they do all year.  This will also allow the children to socialise in school...and NOT have to work!  


Meet your PTA:  Next month we hope to have a photo of the PTA so you can put faces to names!  Your PTA team are, Olivia McLaughlin, Alice McGill, Daniel Turner, Angela Cassidy, Nial McSorley, Steven Wright, Paddy McLaughlin, Donna McCandless, Mr Shaw and Miss McGoldrick.  Whilst this is the core committee, remember that meetings are open to everyone and if you have an idea for a fundraiser or event, we’d love for you come along to one of the meetings to talk to the committee.  Please feel free to approach your PTA team with any suggestions/queries or just come along to a meeting and see how the PTA works.  


If anyone is interested in helping out at any events in manning stalls, helping clean up after or helping to organise events please let us know. We have a volunteer list already drawn up that some of you have very kindly put your names to. We’d like to add to that! Your time although precious, is greatly appreciated by the PTA and the school.   


You can contact any of the members of the PTA in a number of ways, your feedback is greatly appreciated.